Belts and Accessories

Bristle Blaster® Belts

Manufactured in-house in Germany

Two grades of material (steel/stainless steel)

Use of stainless steel belts in conjunction with the stainless-steel Accelerator Bars to prevent contact contamination

Bristle Blaster® Belt 23 mm, steel

PU 10 belts: BB-033-10

Bristle Blaster® Belt 23 mm, stainless steel

PU 10 belts: BB-102-10

Bristle Blaster® Belt 11 mm, steel

PU 10 belts: BB-034-10

Bristle Blaster® Belt 11 mm, stainless steel

PU 10 belts: BB-103-10

MONTI Adapter System

High-quality aluminum die casting alloy. Central allen key bolt secures belt and adapter to drive unit


Quick Release Adapter enables rapid change of belt without need for allen key. Durable polycarbonate design provides for longer life of adapter system.

Adapter 23 mm


Quick Add® Adapter 23 mm


Adapter 11 mm


Quick Add® Adapter 11 mm


Bristle Blaster® Accelerator Bars

Basis for the high performance capability of Bristle Blaster® Technology
Extremely robust and low-wearing
Available in two length and material variants
(use dependent on width and material of the belt)

Accelerator Bar Steel 23 mm Pack 5


Accelerator Bar Stainless Steel 23 mm Pack 5


Accelerator Bar Steel 11 mm Pack 5


Accelerator Bar Stainless Steel 11 mm Pack 5


MONTI Air Pressure Regulators

Reduce the air pressure to the optimum operating pressure
(6.2 bar for 23 mm belts, 5.2 bar for 11 mm belts)
Improve the performance and extend the life of Bristle Blaster® Belts
Increase the efficiency of Bristle Blaster® Technology

Air Regulator 23 mm


Air Regulator 11 mm


MONTI Swivel Connector

Increases freedom of movement through a full 360°
Makes working even easier
Prevents air pressure hoses from twisting

Swivel Connector


Securing Handle

Allows Bristle Blaster® to be securely fastened when working at heights or in areas where dropping a tool must be avoided

Handle With Eyelet